More on South Tampa Location


A quick thought about location…

It’s personal… drive by during the day… and also at night.

Be aware of subtle shifts from block to block, or school district to school district. If you’re paying cash for a lot, and you don’t have kids in the school system, you would be shocked at how much being on one side of the street will affect your home value when you are ready to sell.

One of the most dramatic examples in South Tampa is Euclid Avenue, one of the major boundary lines between Plant and Robinson High School. Both good schools… and in their own ways great public high schools.

A lot on the North side of Euclid… starts at $200,000… and that is for a smaller lot on a busy street. A lot South of Euclid… might struggle to sell for 50% of what to a similar lot on the other side of the street would sell for.

Hope that helps if you’re looking for lots and land in South Tampa.