Location, Location, Location


“Location, Location, Location”

– Attributed to many… apparent origination Chicago.

When William Safire of the New York Times got to the bottom of the story behind the term “Location, Location, Location” he researched his way to a real estate ad that ran in the Chicago Tribune back in 1926… much to the chagrin of the family of a certain Lord Samuel in Britain among others who had laid claim to the term.

Mr. Safire engaged in a great deal of digging to disqualify Lord Samuel as the author of the term… and if you want to build new in South Tampa you’ll need to engage in quite a bit of digging to find a lot for your dream home.

It’s not enough to simply identify a neighborhood and call a Realtor or two or perhaps a favorite builder. You need to be specific… down the street and the address of homes that appear ready to be torn down, will allow your new home to fit on the lot, and where the value will truly be in the land.

The best way to dig in and find a great lot is to ‘drive for dirt.’ This is how I got started finding lots for builders in South Tampa. One of my earliest deals was simply because I saw a For Sale By Owner sign in an attractive area… and even though my buyer and seller started $180,000 apart in terms of negotiating a sale on three lots… eventually we were able find common ground and work together to make a deal happen.

You’ll need to drive simply to discover if the street is one where you would like to live, and if there are easy opportunities like For Sale By Owner signs, or obviously distressed homes where a note on the door or a FEDex envelope to an out of town owner might strike up a conversation that leads to the sale and purchase of a lot.